I originally started working with DiNardo Sports to improve my performance in golf, but now I realize that I have improved my quality of life and overall wellness all thanks to a great coach like Marlene.


-Kevin Puckett

I really enjoyed working out with the staff at DiNardo Sports this summer. Their program helped me to establish great foundations for my strength and conditioning program for softball at Morehead State. DiNardo Sports definitely helped me increase my strength and decrease my risk of injury this summer.


-Megan Murphy 

I started taking our daughter Katie to DiNardo Sports in hopes that we could avoid injuries during her volleyball season. In the previous year we spent over  5 months in physical therapy to help Katie recover from strained muscles and tendinitis. Our hope was to take a preventative approach and enroll her into the fitness program so that she would be prepared during the season and avoid injuries. Katie went the entire volleyball season with not only increased strength, stamina and endurance but also never had to go to physical therapy for any injuries. We will continue every year with DiNardo Sports. It is well worth the money and time.


-Pam Stonich