Provide exceptional strength and conditioning services to all athletes, regardless of age, focusing on proper training techniques to maximize performance and take athletes to the next level.  Our trainers are highly educated and certified by professional organizations, are dedicated to the individual goals of each athlete, regardless of sport.  


"As a sports medicine physical therapist, I believe one of the most important qualities in choosing a strength and conditioning coach is knowledge of the foundational building blocks of function, anatomy, and performance.  Mark is highly skilled and educated in these areas, which ultimately enhances performance and reduces the risk of injury."  

Jim Rothbauer, MPT, ATC

Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy

"In today's world of year-round sports, it's very important to train in a manner that prepares the athlete for their sport with good understanding of the associated injury patterns and muscle imbalances.  I've had the chance to work closely with Mark and he has a great understanding of working with athletes in a way that not only helps them perform better, but also makes them less likely to be injured." 

Scott Crook, PT

​Performance Physical Therapy

"My girls enjoy their workout every week and they feel much stronger and in shape now.  The biggest difference we have seen is how they perform at the end of a long weekend of competition.  Their legs are still fresh and they are not as tired and sore."  

Carlos Verdecchia

Parent of Two National Level Volleyball Players



Our Mission

​Lexington's leading strength and conditioning company, we focus on a result's driven approach in develping athletes to help them reach their fullest potential as competitors.